The Human Centipede Series Review

The film won numerous awards despite various critic views. The story is about a surgeon who kidnaps and then unites his victims into one. The victims were put together, from the mouth to the anus, so that it looked like a centipede in human form. The director and screenwriter claimed one of his inspirations in making this film was a medical experiment conducted by the Nazis during the world war in the Auschwitz camp.

Just like the previous two films, we will have difficulty deciding whether this is a good or bad film. One thing for sure is that this movie is disgusting to watch. The surgeon decided that his victims, who had become a long series, had to eat by mouth first. The first mouth will remove food from the anus and the food is distributed to the other mouth.

This film includes a movie with a gore theme. If you feel unable to see a disturbing scene, do not watch this film.


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