Tenet: Christopher Nolan’s Latest Film

Christopher Nolan is a well-known filmmaker who is famous for his mind-blowing films. Miss the thriller with psychological elements that rack the brain? “Tenet” is the latest thriller from Christopher Nolan which will be released in 2020.

The film stars a series of well-known actors; starting from John David Washington as the main character, Robert Pattinson, Clemence Poesy, Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh, and Himesh Patel.

Reporting from The Verge, “Tenet” is one of the ambitious works of Christopher Nolan after not making films with his original script. Christopher’s latest film released in theaters is “Dunkirk” in 2017. The film shows the other side of the director with an adaptation script based on real events in World War II. If you want to watch both of these movies, you can watch them on https://www.nme.com/blogs/the-movies-blog/christopher-nolan-tenet-release-date-plot-details-cast-trailer-2605757

Contrary to the characteristics of the 49-year-old director who likes to create his own world in every film. Through the film “Tenet”, Christopher returned to work in the world of science fiction and time-lapse themes which have become one of his trademarks in making thriller films.

“Tenet” has not revealed much synopsis and storyline through the trailer that has been released. However, through one of the dialogues in this excerpt, we can get an interesting statement namely; the main cast attempt to prevent World War III. Based on this dialogue, the possibility of this film is set in the future, as well as the present before World War III explodes.

As for some scenes in the trailer “Tenet” that is against the law of time and a confusing reverse incident. Likewise, some brief dialogues show the principle of an absurd time in the film.

Each scene in this trailer may not be performed linearly, but rather a random editing so that the story is not easily read. However, it is not without reason that the editor edits the dialog in the trailer. This could be one clue that “Tenet” is a film with a time-lapse theme.


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