Saving on College Education

A college education is certainly a necessity for today’s job market.  However, the cost of paying for college is on the rise. The two largest college expenses are tuition and college textbooks.  Public and private college tuition have dramatically increased over the years.  In addition, the price of college textbooks have increased even faster than tuition prices.  Certainly getting cheap textbooks for college is not always easy. Here are some practical ways to minimize your out of pocket expense for college.

  • Apply for financial aid. Low income families can get free federal aid from government to help pay for education. The award package varies but will include federal grants, subsidized loans, and work study program.
  • Apply for free grants and scholarships. There are many types of free scholarships and grants available to students. Some are specifically for students of a certain race or those studying a particular major. Most of these scholarships will require good academic standing and a written essay. However, some like the Robert C Byrd Scholarship doesn’t even require an essay.
  • Work part time during school. If you qualify for the work study program, it is an added advantage because employers only pay half of your wages while the government picks up the other half. In addition to the money, you gain good experience to show future employers.
  • Use your college meal plan. Although eating the same food from campus can be boring. It is still more economical to do that than to buy groceries and cook yourself or going out all the time to eat.
  • Buy cheaper college textbooks. The key to buying cheap textbooks is to plan ahead. Get a list of the required textbooks ahead of time and scour the internet. The fastest way to get cheap books is to use a book price comparison engine. To make sure you get the correct textbook, be sure to enter the textbook ISBN instead of just title.

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