The kitchen world not only attracts lovers of cooking or food alone but also the wider community. This can be seen from the many films with the theme of the world of cooking. Its rating is also high and its segmentation is almost all ages both men and women. You can visit 123 movies and watch these movies:

– Chef (2014)
Jon Favreau shows his skill as a director, screenwriter, and actor in this film. The story is about Carl Casper, a chef at a famous restaurant that has high ideals. Unfortunately, he was not in line with his boss the restaurant owner. Moreover, Carl got bad criticism from food critics. He also went berserk and the action was recorded and viral on the internet. Carl then changed course to build his own food truck business. One interesting aspect of this film is not only about the cooking world but also family relationships. The relationship between Carl, his ex-wife, and his children are realistically portrayed. The dialogues are fresh and the scent of the comedy is quite hit. Jo Favreau and Sofia Vergara’s acting was good and complimentary.

– Burnt (2015)
Bradley Cooper fans will love watching this film. He served as Chef Adam Jones who was at the peak of his career. Unfortunately, Adam ruined everything because of drugs and women. Adam lost the Michelin Star, a prestigious title for chef and restaurant. Although at the beginning of the film Adam is depicted as collapsed, he was able to get up and re-arrange life by opening a new restaurant. Although the public quite liked this film, some critics gave a bad review because of the lack of visible passion for cooking displayed by Adam’s character. The character is too stereotypical.

– Julie & Julia (2009)
Amy Adams and Meryl Streep, what else is lacking? Two stars unite in Julie & Julia. The two characters are real but they are at different times. Julia Child is a famous chef. She writes cookbooks and has her own television show. Her cookbook, Mastering The Art of French Cooking (1961) inspired Julie Powell. Julie is determined to cook Julia’s 524 recipes. Of course, cooking one by one recipe is not easy. Julie must experience ups and downs in her quest to cook. Julie documents her cooking journey online. Critics assess the actor who plays the husband of Julie and Julia does not have a pretty good quality acting. Though there is a picture of the married life of Julie and Julia.